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Disclaimer:   The Spokane Bicycle Club makes no representations or warranties as to the difficulties or current conditions of the published routes and is not responsible for risks, damages or accidents which may occur as a result of bicycling on these or any other routes referred on the Spokane Bicycle Club website


General Meeting - Online

Monday May 10th, 2021 - 6:00 P.M.Mo

(2nd Monday of Each Month except June, July and August)

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Presenter: Todd Dunfield, staff of the Inland Northwest Land Conservancy

Topic: Land conservancy in the Inland Empire, including sections along the Coeur d'Alene Trail

SBC bike rides are beginning again on March 15.

Current Month's Scheduled Rides

Please follow these directions when on a ride:

Do not attend a ride if you are feeling ill or have any COVID-19 symptoms

  • Group rides will begin March 15, 2021 with the number of riders limited in accordance with State and Region COVID-19 guidelines

  • The club will start out by offering repeating fixed route rides Monday, Tuesday (2), Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (2). Fixed route rides will be geographically dispersed. The Women’s Friday ride will begin in April. The Saturday Steady Leisurely ride will begin in May and be led by Sue Smith and her husband. An additional notice will be sent to SBC members before the start of these two rides.
  • Rides will be posted on the SBC Website
  • Maps and cue sheets will be available on each ride
  • Ride groups will be limited to 10 people at this time. If more riders show up for a given ride, the ride will be divided into two or more groups. A volunteer will be asked to lead any additional group(s).
  • Riders will be required to wear a face mask over the mouth and nose any time riders are not in motion. A rider may choose to always wear a mask to provide maximum protection.
  • Riders will be asked to maintain a distance of 6 feet between riders (two bike lengths). Side-by-side riding is allowed when appropriate and safe to do so. If all riders choose to wear a mask, 6 feet distancing is not necessary while riding.
  • Be mindful of allowing for 6 feet of distancing when stopped or off the bikes
  • Mask and distancing expectations are required regardless of COVID-19 vaccine status
  • Members will be required to sign the insurance waiver sheet; sanitized pens will be provided
  • Riders should bring their own water/snacks since there will be no coffee shop or restaurant breaks during the ride (unless allowed per phase guidelines)
  • Above guidelines subject to change

Regional Ride Possibilities

No-Leader Rides Compiled from SBC Ride Listings

Terrain Classifications  (From Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle):

Terrain indicates the most common or average terrain type of the ride and should be considered relative to the length and overall difficulty of the ride. For example, a long-distance ride with a lot of elevation gain will be overall less challenging than a short ride with equal elevation gain. Consider the pace and frequency of regroup as well to understand how advanced a ride may be.

  Mostly flat: Trails and/or mostly flat roads with a possible gentle uphill
  Rolling: Climbs are short and easy, not too numerous
  Some hills: A few short, steep hills, some moderate upgrades and/or longer gentle climbs
  Hilly: Consistent or continuous climbing

Click on terrain categories on the left to view our suggested bike routes

Bicycling.com: Should I Be Double-Masking When I Ride?

SBC Old Flames

Our refugee awareness ride across the state is in June.

We thank everyone for your donations to help our local refugee community through Spokane World Relief. Our goal is $8,000. ALL donations are tripled by a grant so it really makes a big local impact!!

SBC Old Flames - Update

While there is no longer a picnic or cross state ride the Old Flames ride on for our local refugees whose needs are bigger than ever. Check out our new website. Funds are still TRIPLED  through a grant!

The new Century Challenge is set for World Refugee Day June 20. Previously donated funds have been transferred there. Sigrid Lee has created our century route. Depending on COVID status this may be a small group ride or done individually.

SeaTriCan 2020 and World Relief Fundraising

Trudy O'Grady's 2018 Tour in Vietnam

- story and video presented at 5/13/2019 SBC GM -


 Cycling World News

  and Curiosities


Damien Desbosses' Mission Impossible

2019 Mountain of Hell MTB Race

- Les 2 Alpes, France -

Global Cycling Network :    

Image result for GCN Tech global cycling network

The Most Expensive Bikes in the Tour De France

Recent Ride Photos

    5/29/2018 - Tuesday Scenic Ride: CDA - Post Falls loop.
    Leader: Mary Ayers

 Ellen Peller Rides in GCC-USA
Fundrising To Fight Kids' Cancer



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Jennifer Calvert & Nancy Tressler: Bicycling On Katy Trail 

(presented in General Meeting, 3/13/17)

Jennifer Calvert & Georgia Krueger: Bicycling Along Danube River 

(presented in General Meeting, 3/13/17)

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