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General Meeting

Mountain Gear Headquarters

6021 E. Mansfield Rd

Spokane, WA

6:30 P.M.

Monday November 11th, 2019

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Greenways and Rails to Trails routes

Education Program: Greenways and what you need/want to know

About the presenter: Jessica Engelman

Jessica is the founder and chair of local active transportation advocacy group SpokAT, and is also on 

the city's Bicycle Advisory Board and Sustainable Action Subcommittee transportation work

group. Her inspiration for transportation reform comes from her time living in Portland, OR,

Chicago, IL, Kyoto, Japan, and Tokyo, Japan, experiencing the good, bad, and ugly of each city's

respective transportation networks.

About the presentation: 

Greenways⁠—traffic-calmed side streets where bicycle traffic is prioritized⁠⁠—are starting to appear in

Spokane's neighborhoods and planning maps. What exactly are they, how do they compare to other

bicycle infrastructure, and what role should they play in Spokane's transportation network? We'll

look at how other cities have utilized greenways (otherwise known as "bicycle boulevards"),

examine the pros and cons of greenways as cycling, walking, and traffic calming infrastructure,

and consider ways to utilize the greenway concept here in Spokane.

Adventure Program: Rails to Trails routes in South Dakota and beyond

Presenter: Marilyn Zimmerman

Marilyn has been ‘finding her freedom’ in cycling all of her life, and has been a serious cyclist since

the early 1990’s. Touring has always been her passion, but she enjoys club events and rides. She

joined Spokane Bicycle Club immediately upon moving here from South Dakota in April of 2018. 

In Sioux Falls, she was on the board of FAB (Falls Area Bicyclists,) and was a member of the city’s

Bicycle Coordination Committee. She is one of the founders of RasDak (Ride Across South Dakota,)

and founded her own Thursday Ladies Bicycling group, which is still going strong in Sioux Falls. 

She is here to tell you a little about her favorite bicycle trips. especially on many of the’ Rails to Trails’

system of beautiful trails around the US. She is going to talk a little about being the only rider from

South Dakota on the 1998 American Lung Association’s ‘GTE BigRide Across America’ with nearly

1000 other riders. She has enjoyed all the rides with the Spokane Bicycle Club, and the area’s

beautiful variety of trails and roads. She looks forward to getting to know Washington better…..

the only way it should be….’from the seat of a bicycle.

2-Way Cycle Track - Pop-Up Pilot Project

Cargo Bike Presentation and Documentary

On September 9th, Kara Odegard of Spokane City Council was a guest speaker at

SBC members' monthly meeting. Kara is coordinator of City's Sustainability Action projects.

She presented two great initiatives planned for the period between Oct 5th-11th: 

Trialing a temporary 2-way cycle track on Spokane Falls Boulevard - from the north 

landing of the Gateway Bridge to the Cincinnati Greenway. Cyclists will be welcome to 

use it and feed back their perception of efficiency and safety. Volunteers are needed 

to help rolling this project - here is a sign-up sheet.

2-way track maps can be viewed here 

Public screening of "Motherload" - a cargo bike documentary at EWU Spokane Center.

Wheel Sport will also demo there a selection of cargo bikes.For interested riders, more details

can be read on Spokane U-District's news page . 


Palouse to Cascade State Park Trail Ride


The Spokane Bicycle Club (SBC) offers a three-day coordinated ride on various portions of the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail (formerly known as the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, or the Iron Horse State Park Trail). Members only. 

Dates: September 13th thru September 15th.  Members may ride on any or all days.

- Click here for event details - 

May Month Bike-Everywhere Events 

locally fulfilled by


- enjoy the photo slideshow below -

Trudy O'Grady's 2018 Tour in Vietnam

- story and video presented at 5/13/2019 SBC GM -


 Cycling World News

  and Curiosities


210 old bikes decorate the exterior of Pet Horstmann's Fahrradhof bike shop

Altlandsberg - Germany

Global Cycling Network :    

Image result for GCN Tech global cycling network

The Most Expensive Bikes in the Tour De France

Recent Ride Photos

    5/29/2018 - Tuesday Scenic Ride: CDA - Post Falls loop.
    Leader: Mary Ayers

 Ellen Peller Rides in GCC-USA
Fundrising To Fight Kids' Cancer



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Jennifer Calvert & Nancy Tressler: Bicycling On Katy Trail 

(presented in General Meeting, 3/13/17)

Jennifer Calvert & Georgia Krueger: Bicycling Along Danube River 

(presented in General Meeting, 3/13/17)

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