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    • 29 Feb 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Elder Road- Great Harvest 29th and SE Blvd

    • 07 Mar 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Cheney Ride - Caffe Capri, Brown's Addition

    • 14 Mar 2020
    • 8:00 AM
    • 15 Mar 2020
    • 3:00 PM
    • Sunnyside, WA

    • 18 Apr 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Spokane County Fair and Expo

    • 26 Apr 2020
    • 8:00 AM
    • 27 Apr 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Spokane - Convention Center

    • 07 May 2020
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Olmsted Brothers Park in Kendall Yards

    Spokane Bicycle Club ride - ALL WELCOME. Helmet required. 

     Enjoy spectacularly scenic portions of the Centennial Trail, then swing by REI for flat-fixing tips from the pro's. 9 miles. 

    • 21 Aug 2020
    • 10:00 AM
    • 25 Aug 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Slocan Valley Area, British Columbia, Canada

    The Spokane Bicycle Club (SBC) offers five days of coordinated rides on various rail trails in the West Kootenay area (Slocan Valley) of British Columbia (BC), Canada. Members only; non-members may ‘join the club’ for $20 USD (yearly membership dues) – see SBC website for membership details.


    Dates: Aug 21 thru Aug 25.  Participants may ride on any or all days.


    Brief Ride Summary: Each day’s ride will start at a trailhead and be ‘Out and Back’, i.e. rides will stage, start, and end at the same trailhead.  Total out and back distances vary and have been selected to accommodate trail conditions, elevation gains, and commute times to/from trailheads (see below for more information). Individual riders may customize their rides to accommodate their needs or desires by pausing, dallying, or turning back at any time.  Riders are responsible for transportation to each day’s staging area – ride sharing is encouraged.

    Trail Conditions, Equipment, and Safety: Nearly all riding will be on converted railroad beds or ‘rail trails’. Where necessary to accommodate trail conditions, detours utilize public streets.  Trail grades are generally between 0 and 3% - city streets, detours, and short sections of trail may be somewhat steeper; there are no ‘single track’ mountain-bike conditions.  Most of the trails are packed gravel or dirt.  2.25” wide mountain or gravel bike tires are recommended; 2” heavy duty touring tires are adequate. Tires that tolerate being slightly deflated provide a more comfortable ride. Fat tire bikes are appropriate, but overkill.  Road bikes are not suitable for these rides.


    Sweep rider(s) will be provided with emergency satellite communication devices*; riders will sign-in and sign-out prior to, and at the end of, each day’s ride. Although trails are in good condition, portions are isolated so riders are encouraged to bring minor bike tools and tire repair equipment. There will be no SAG support for trail rides and cell phone coverage is spotty (limited to the Nelson/Castegar corridor), or non-existent (no cell phone coverage anywhere in the Slocan Valley). 

    *       Participants are encouraged to review information on SBC’s website regarding the emergency communication devices and optional personal ‘Search and Rescue’ insurances plans.



    Aug 21, Day One (Friday) – (Slocan Valley Rail Trail): Travel to the Winlaw, BC Trailhead on Winlaw Bridge Rd; meet and be ready to ride at 10 AM. Ride north along the Slocan River to the Slocan Trailhead (Slocan city beach area) and back. 13 miles each way (26 miles total) plus perhaps a short ride into Slocan for lunch. There is a small grocery store and a café (with beer) on Harold Street. The ride out is a very uphill grade to Slocan (430 ft elevation gain) – the ride back is the reverse.


    Aug 22, Day Two (Sat) – (Slocan Valley Rail Trail): Travel to the Winlaw, BC Trailhead on Winlaw Bridge Rd; meet and be ready to ride at 10 AM. Ride south along the Slocan River to the Frog Peak Café just past the Crescent Valley Trailhead and back. 16.5 miles each way (33 miles total). The ride out is a very gentle downhill grade (160 ft elevation loss) – the ride back is the reverse (slightly uphill).


    Aug 23, Day Three (Sun) – (Nakusp and Slocan Railway Trail): Travel to the Roseberry Trailhead (off Roseberry Loop RD, 36 miles north of Winlaw) and be ready to ride at 9:30 AM. Ride to Summit Lake and back. 15.5 miles each way (31 miles total). Ride along Slocan Lake, then up onto an interesting and seldom used portion of trail to Hwy 6, then along the Hwy to Summit Lake Provincial Park (rest area). The upper portion of the trail north of Slocan Lake for about 6 miles is remote and somewhat overgrown and brushy, but easily traveled with a gravel or mountain bike. There is a toilet and picnic tables for lunching at Summit Lake Provincial Park:

    Aug 24, Day Four (Mon) – (Columbia and Western Rail Trail): Travel to the Columbia and Western Rail Trailhead (6.25 miles west of Castlegar at the end of Arrow Lakes Dr) and be ready to ride at 9:30 AM.  Ride from the Trailhead to Bulldog Tunnel and back. 18.5 miles each way (37 miles total). The ride out is a near constant 2-1/2% uphill grade – the ride back is…. wait for it…. downhill. Numerous trestles and beautiful views, with at least one new rest area with a picknick table along the way.

    Aug 25, Day Five (Tues) – (Great Northern Rail Trail): Travel to the ‘Mountain Station’ Trailhead in Nelson, BC and be ready to ride at 9:30 AM.  Ride to the small town of Ymir and back. 17.5 miles each way (35 miles total). The ride out is 6 miles uphill at a 2.6% grade, then a 1.2% grade down to Ymir (11.5 miles); the ride back is the reverse. Cottonwood Lake a nice place to stop for a break near the summit (with toilets). Ymir has a picnic table, a public potable water spigot, and a small store that will make you a sandwich.

    Accommodations: Accommodations are up to the individual. Nelson and Castlegar have plenty of choices. Accommodations elsewhere are somewhat limited.


    Trailheads for daily rides are located at, or near: Roseberry, Winlaw, Castlegar, and Nelson. The area around Winlaw is (somewhat) centrally located and hosts a variety of campgrounds, cabins, lodges, B & B’s (or AirBnB). A limited list of accommodations around Winlaw is available upon request. For more information, internet search key words include: ‘Slocan Valley Accommodations’, ‘Slocan Valley Rail Trail Accommodations’, ‘Airbnb Winlaw BC’.


    July and August are ‘high season' months for this area; advanced reservations are highly recommended.

    Meals: Meals, lunches, and riding snacks are up to the individual. The area around Winlaw has a small selection of restaurants, some of them serving surprisingly good food. A social get together will be planned at a local restaurant in or near Winlaw, BC after the 1st day’s ride – more to follow on that. Other social get-togethers are anticipated to be ad-hoc and impromptu.

    Register by going to the Spokane Bicycle Club website, under ‘Events’.


    Cost: $70 per person until Aug 7, 2020; $80 per person after that. Refundable up to Aug 14, 2020; non-refundable after that. Fees are set to cover tour costs that are somewhat fixed - no fee reduction for participating in fewer than five day’s rides. A minimum of 10 participants, registered and paid by August 14th, are required for this tour.


    Questions: Russ Peters; (907) 268-7453;

    • 04 Sep 2020
    • 9:30 AM
    • 06 Sep 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Colville, WA

    The Spokane Bicycle Club (SBC) Tour Committee offers the following 3 day “Spoke & Hub” event in Colville, WA.  Registration is limited to SBC members only.  Non-members are encouraged to 'join the club' ($20/year) and benefit from all the advantages membership has to offer.

    Participants will meet and stay in the Colville, WA area.  Looped day rides will begin at the fairgrounds near the center of town.  Daily rides offered will include shorter distances at a leisurely pace and longer, more challenging rides at a faster pace. Ride details, including route and elevation gains, to follow.


    A social dinner at a local Pub will be organized for riders and guests for Friday evening.  A Saturday afternoon/evening pot luck is envisioned.

    Tour fee is $25.00 for early registration (prior to August 21st) and $35.00 for late registration  (August 22nd - September 3rd).

    Meals, transportation and lodging are up to the individual. Coleville has three motels - accommodations for camping (tents, trailers, and RV’s) is provided free at the fairgrounds and includes clean restrooms and hot showers. The fairgrounds are conveniently located near the center of town and is where rides will start and end.

    Participants can choose to attend any or all dates of this tour, but registration fees do not change. Registration may canceled for a full refund until August 21st. After that, the registration fee is not refundable.

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07 May 2020 5:30 PM • Olmsted Brothers Park in Kendall Yards
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