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Insta - Ride

Insta-ride is a way to post a ride on the Club's website as late as the day before or even the same day as the proposed ride. Once posted on the website, the ride can be viewed. This allows for a "spur of the moment" ride that can be viewed by potential riders as soon as it is posted. This adds to, and complements, regularly scheduled rides and "pickup" rides. The goal is to allow a ride posting on the website anytime up to "the last moment" and riders can respond to it as it is posted and indicate their interest.

For example, on a given day, the weather may have changed for the better and a member decides to lead a ride while the opportunity presents itself. The member would then post the ride. Riders may look on the website to see if any rides have been posted and respond indicating their interest.

Those who initiate a ride are requested to post in the regular format:
Date, Start Time; Meet; Pace; Distance; Terrain; Regroup; Route; Eat;
Leader,Name, phone number

To initiate or view an Insta-ride (Click Here)

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