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Recent Events

2-Way Cycle Track - Pop-Up Pilot Project

Cargo Bike Presentation and Documentary

On September 9th 2019, Kara Odegard of Spokane City Council was a guest speaker at SBC members' monthly meeting. Kara is coordinator of City's Sustainability Action projects.

She presented two great initiatives planned for the period between Oct 5th-11th: 

Trialing a temporary 2-way cycle track on Spokane Falls Boulevard - from the north 

landing of the Gateway Bridge to the Cincinnati Greenway. Cyclists will be welcome to  use it and feed back their perception of efficiency and safety. Volunteers are needed to help rolling this project - here is a sign-up sheet.

2-way track maps can be viewed here 

Public screening of "Motherload" - a cargo bike documentary at EWU Spokane Center.

Wheel Sport will also demo there a selection of cargo bikes. For interested riders, more details can be read on Spokane U-District's  news page .

SBC Hosts WA Bike Summit

April 29-30, 2018 

This year's edition of Washington Bike Summit was held at Spokane Falls Community College. Many thanks to Cascade Bicycle Club and Spokane Bicycle Club for the excellent job organizing and running it.  Enjoy below a few photos taken on the 1st day of Summit.

Spokane Walk-Bike-Bus Initiative

- As presented in SBC General Meeting on February 12th, 2018 -

Spokane Bicycle Club Annual Banquet

October 28th, 2017 

As before, this year's Annual Banquet proved to be once again our Club's great, fun-filled end-of-the-year social gathering. We praised our members of the executive committee, our ride coordinators, leaders and volunteer staff, acknowledging their effort and success over the past year. Special thanks for Scott Schell for showing great leadership talent as Club's President. We enjoyed a tasty dinner while entertained by our guest speaker, the legendary adventurer Willie Weir, presenting his bike travel in Burma/Myanmar and along Mekong River. Last but not least, we elected our new President and leadership committee for the year ahead.
   -  Many thanks to all organizers and volunteers who made this evening so memorable!  - 

Public Hearing: 
City of Spokane - Planning & Development Department:
   Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Amend the Master
   Bike Plan ( read  Notice ,  Master Plan adopted 6-8-09 ,
                                      proposed Plan Amendment )

    Date held:  February 25, 2015.
     The proposed amendment is to change the text of City of Spokane Comprehensive Plan, 
     Chapter 4 Transportation, Master Bike Plan, and Map TR2 Planned Bikeway Network.
     The amendment would make changes to text and add or change several bikeways identified
     in the proposed Ordinance that are either constructed or planned to be built soon.

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